Monday, February 20, 2012

My literary goals for mid 2012


So, part of being a writer is having a plan on what you're gonna write. This is my general assessment of my ideas in my head - enjoy 'em!

Promoting Physics Incarnate

First things first, ya can't ignore what you have. You have to promote, almost relentlessly, the things you've put out. The latest novel of mine is Physics Incarnate, as my regular readers know, soooo hey! Promoting it is fun!

Jesse Pohlman's next production: Protostar!

So, for National Novel Writing Month this year, I created a space-opera called Protostar. I don't want to spoil too much of it, because it isn't released and I have one publisher in mind to contact, but I'll give you a small taste of what might become "promotional" material.

Lahira Ocean is the Chief Navigator of the George Washington, one of only four Alexander-class battleships in Humanity's space-fleet. Her vessel is called upon to help oversee a "Condition: Genesis" mission; first contact with an alien race. While exceedingly rare, these missions have never been catastrophic in nature - the Aquarians were friendly; the Firions were cordial; even the cybernetic Automatons, who overthrew their organic masters eons ago, were willing to live-and-let-live.

With past results not being a promise of future outcomes, the George Washington quickly finds itself on the front line of Humanity's war against a new species; they are called "The Orphans" due to their overwhelming search to discover the nature of their creator.

What mysteries do these alien races hold? Will Humanity survive this new antagonist? And, most of all, how will Lahira fare when desperate times call for desperate measures, and she is made the Captain of Humanity's newest Cruiser-class vessel, the Messenger?

Why am I so focused on this, right now? For a few reasons...

- Its written differently; its designed for serialization, meaning its set in short chunks to be distributed once a day instead of as a whole novel.
- I'm on some of the very last chunks.
- If my search for a publisher fails, I will distribute it through my website until the novel is fully put out; it will have advertisements in that case, google as well as for my books/projects that I like. But, in that case it will be free!
- Once I'm finished, or once I'm a significant amount through at least, I'd put the book on Kindle for something like 99 cents.

Next Novels

There's really two I'm working on besides Protostar. The first is, yes, Pillars of the Kingdom, Volume Three. Right now I'm just structuring things for the final show-downs with the Apostles. Yep, the Pillars vs Valin and his crew. It will be an incredible display of awesome action.

Then, I'm actually working on an Epic Poem. Which is going to be, well, Epic. But, its in the earliest phases of plot-planning so I can't really talk about it.

Political Writing

Somewhere in the future I really want to write two books on politics/futurism. The first is gonna be my (not-at-all) scientific blueprint for how to improve the world at large, similar to the "Call to America" articles I've written for Liberty Free Media.

The second is going to involve me opening up a college textbook I have on Modern Logic, and taking Sentence Logic (primarily; its the most simplified form) and applying it to Politics. :)

Anyway, that's the update!

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